Jaksoftware understands that in today’s rapidly changing environment, Internet Marketing is not just desirable, it is mandatory. We know that the internet universe continues to become relevant at an exponential pace. No one can afford to be left behind.

#buildurbrand is a tailor-made solution for your brand that enables you to customise strategies for your business – online.

Armed with a decade plus of internet marketing experience, Jaksoftware understands that internet marketing is not a magic wand that can produce results overnight. Internet Marketing is a science that yields results through a series of carefully calibrated steps. We believe in long-term relationships where Jaksoftware along with your team of marketing professionals conceptualise a result-oriented plan.


It starts off with the key steps of:

  • Defining the brand’s Target Audience.
  • Choosing areas where the brand needs to be visible
  • Determining online marketing budget
  • Creating Ad content
  • Tracking and monitoring Ad performance

Our Services

JAK Software is a client-focused Internet Marketing and Website Designing/ Development company in Delhi providing a varied array of web-based services to many industry types. Sophisticated programming coupled with application development expertise make our solutions very unique.

If your requirements are selling products or services online, we will find a way to increase them through ethical internet marketing techniques.

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Let Us Look After Your IT And You Look After Your Business

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