Have you ever contemplated over the reasons that why most of the blogs fail? You might think of the traffic, but there are many bloggers who fail even when they get lot of traffic.

There are 7 reasons that lead to unsuccessful blog and they are:-

1. You are not Collecting E-mails

If you are committing this mistake of not collecting e-mails then you can never be successful. E-mail is the only thing on web world that has stayed consisted overtime. So you need to keep a tab on customerís email in order to get them back. Just offer them a free e-book or a PDF and you blast every time you have fresh content.

2. You donít have a community

Create compelling posts, engage readers, involve them and built strong relations to get comments on your posts. Remember more the comments; more is the likelihood of new visitors to read your posts.

3. You lack a persona

Each site has a personality that comes from the writer who writes the posts. Ensure that if you write for your blog then your own personality shines out that will eventually create a persona for the site.

4. You are not consistent

Many bloggers start well but itís a long race and a blogger ought to be consistent in efforts in order to eat sweet fruits later. Remember the moment you go astray you are out of the marathon.

5. You give it all for free

Ensure that you teach your customers how to buy. Donít give your paid efforts for free. You can probably ask them for a tweet in order to read any of your valuable posts further.

6. You donít blogging as a job

Many have this hobby of blogging which is good but for those who are expecting returns ought to look at it as a serious job as in the end its metrics that are grave important.

7. You donít love your blog

You probably donít love what you write which reflects in the quality of your work. Remember, to ensure high quality work you need to love what you write.