Like every social media marketer I too have a bag of tricks that helps in driving more traffic. Though many people may ignore them but I have been using them because they work extremely well.

Add tweetable quotes through your blog

Make use of tweets in your posts. They are useful in driving more traffic. You can use “tweet this” after every posts. This strategy will help you earn more tweets and better traffic.

Create a LinkedIn Group

It will be witty to create a LinkedIn group. You never know but those 5000 members you have in your group may create further 15000 members. You can make use of your email list to create a broadcast of your new post.

Post info-graphics with stats

Presenting data with help of information graphs is new in vogue that widely catches eyes. This tactic is really effective and attracts huge traffic.

Make your employees promote your profile

Whether you work alone or with others, good news is you can use their profile to promote your business. Make your colleagues join the pages you form and get the likes. This will enhance the traffic rate.

Make readers pay through tweet

Make great content to lure readers and make them pay through tweets. Allow the readers to read your content only after they pay you via their tweets. This is really effective and people won’t really mind tweeting about your business as they getting great content in turn.

Gather emails through Facebook authentication

Gathering emails can help you get at least 83000 of visitors per month just like me. You can ask visitors to drop their emails at the beneath of your blog or at the sidebar. It is really helpful.

Leverage Influencers

One of the ultimate things in blogging is to interview influencers. Ask experts to participate, not all will do but make sure that you get at least 50 out of 100 experts whom you will be interviewing.