Ultimate aim of any blogger is to communicate with customers, build brand and generate sales but many fail to accomplish the set goals.

In fact not many bloggers get a chance to know their mistakes and fix it, but low down here are important points that highlights areas where you have went wrong in your blog and solutions to fix them.

Start blogging with specific and relevant content

If itís an e-commerce website, make sure you donít end up blogging on marketing related content as visitors getting attracted by this type of content donít necessarily get converted in to customers. Further the brand recognition from these customers is not beneficial as they are not our ideal customers

Instead it is better to fine tune the content that best caters to the audience, especially your target customer.

Donít broadcast your best content

Make sure that your best created content goes on big sites that get more traffic than your own site. For your site your aim should not be to create a great blog instead to create a great content for your readers.

Develop a habit of buying

Many times readers skip the sites who sell content reading. Make sure you are not instilling this habit in your readers. Train them to buy your content as everything great does not come for free.

Always be consistent

Blogging is good only when you are regular writer. You ought to be a consistent writer. If your sites traffic is not increasing does not mean itís not going to fall. So donít take off your foot from gas pedal and be regular.

Get eyeballs

Minting money sans any eyeball is a foolish notion to hold. You ought to strive for traffic and to do that you need to bring different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter in to account. Make tweets from that profile, get responses, comment politely, generate traffic and enjoy.