For those who have been a daily blogger and have this hallucination that all they post is being carefully read and contemplated by readers then you have built a fallacy world. Well the reality is that only 40% of what you post is being read. Blog posts play an important role to bring traffic on website and for Digital marketing purposes as well.

But there is a way which can help you earn at least 65% of the readers just the way I did. So just get low down here and grab some doable tips to enhance your readership percentage.

Bring heading, bullets, and lists and block quotes in to use

If you are using a lot of content and want to entice the reader then make sure that you have it all neatly placed and organized. It is seen that readers may get hooked to the content if it is broken down in to bits with the help of heading, bullets and chapters. This goes best with heavy content that you want the reader to read and understand.20

Restrict to 1500 words

If you are furnishing a long post on your blog, ensure that you don’t end up telling a story. Keeping the blog short increases the likelihood of being read and attracts the reader.

Images and Distraction

An image is better than thousand words. But it does not mean that you should add too many pictures to your post. Fewer pictures will make the content prominent and will lead to less distraction.

Indulge the reader

Make use of words like “You and I” and create a conversation to indulge the reader. Doing this will create a personal value and increase the reader’s interest.

Conclude Well

Introduction and conclusion to any blog or article is essential. Don’t forget to articulate your conclusion with simple and easy words so that reader gets a clear insight of the entire write up. Most of the readers just scroll down to the page to get an aerial glance at what the articles focuses.

Focus on font size and space

Keep the font size even throughout the length and breadth of the article and ensure proper spacing so that the page does not appear cluttered.

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