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Don't let unfavorable reviews and comments ruin your business and online reputation. With the help of our online reputation management services, get an edge over your rivals. The ORM services offered by Jaksoftware include online monitoring, content creation, social media management, link building, review management, and crisis management.

Improve Your Online Reputation - Best ORM Company in India

Welcome to the home of the best Online Reputation Management (ORM) services in India. We are a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping individuals, small businesses and large corporations build, maintain, and protect their online reputations. We at Jak Software are leading digital marketing and online reputation management Company in Delhi. We can assist businesses in creating, maintaining, repairing, and promoting their clients' brands on a global scale with the support of a team of the best digital marketing experts.


We are specialized in managing Online Reputation Management Services :

  1. Bad Press, Blogs, and Content:

    With the use of online reputation management services, we assist brands in removing and managing defamatory content.

  2. Reviews and ratings:

    This involves managing a company's online reviews across various platforms, such as Google Reviews, Yelp, and social media platforms. It includes responding to customer feedback and resolving any issues that may arise

  3. Negative video removal:

    A negative video can be hurtful to any brand's online reputation, but Jak Software can handle them as well.

  4. Social Media Reputation Management:

    This is the process of managing a company's reputation on social media platforms. It includes monitoring brand mentions, responding to customer complaints, and creating engaging content.

  5. Crisis Management:

    This type of ORM service is focused on mitigating damages to a brand's reputation during a crisis situation. It includes developing a communication strategy, monitoring media coverage, and addressing negative online content.

  6. Google Autofills:

    An incredibly helpful feature, Google Autofills can significantly affect your company's reputation. Because it only presents suggestions that will help you succeed, this feature can raise your odds of success.

  7. Strategic PR:

    We are the top PR experts who will give your company the spotlight it merits. We will work with you to establish and significantly improve your company's online presence in front of your target market.

What we do

Negative Google search results can be quickly pushed down by our qualified SEO specialists working to repair online reputations. Control how consumers perceive your company's reputation online. Additionally, we assist in creating a plan that guarantees visitors only see the content you want them to, with no undesirable search results in sight.

Negative information is damaging. We will assist you in permanently getting rid of it using our specialized removal procedure.

We are professionally skilled at removing:

  • News Articles/ Press Releases
  • Legal Information
  • Blog posts
  • Videos & Images
  • Reviews

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